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FD1900 sublimation printer boosts Ecuador’s customers’ business


After understanding the customer’s printing output and local printing market conditions, we recommend that customers use FD1900 sublimation fabric printer, which can maximize the cost reduction while meeting the daily output.


Sublimation fabric printer FD1900 is our most classic printing machine model, equipped with two Epson printheads, the printing speed can reach 98 square meters per hour, which fully meets the printing needs of most customers.


After the customer places an order, our Fedar printer factory immediately arranges production, purchases accessories and other raw materials, and arranges for loading in time. After the staff packed the sublimation printer, it was urgently sent to Ecuador.



After the customer receives FD1900 sublimation printer, we arrange for technicians to install and debug, so that the customer can use the printing machine for production as soon as possible. After debugging, the customer is very satisfied with the printing effect of FD1900.

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